Boots UK to replace plastic carrier bags with unbleached paper bags in all stores

News announced on Monday 24th June 2019, in a statement on Boots Uk Website...



“From today, (Monday 24th June), Boots will become the first national pharmacy, health and beauty retailer in the UK to move to unbleached (brown) paper carrier bags as standard. It will also be the first national pharmacy chain to move to unbleached paper dispensing bags.

The paper bags will replace plastic bags in 53 Boots stores across the UK, with a full roll out to all 2,485* stores completed by early 2020, and removing over 900[1] tonnes of plastic from Boots store operations each year.

Seb James, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, Boots UK comments, “Plastic waste is undoubtedly one of the most important issues around the world today with TV shows like Blue Planet highlighting the effects of plastic pollution. This year, we are transforming Boots as we celebrate 170 years, and the move to unbleached paper bags is another pivotal moment in that journey. There is no doubt that our customers expect us to act and this change signifies a huge step away from our reliance on plastic.”


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