Money-Saving, Eco - Friendly and sustainable laundry products.


Money-Saving, Eco - Friendly and sustainable laundry products.

In a world trying to find new and inventive ways to stop the pollution of our Sea and Earth. Smart Mug Co. have hunted down for you some brilliant but simple products that not only help save families £100s a year. They also tackle our single-use plastic issues as well as our micro-plastic pollution problems that are caused by all the tiny bits of fluff from our none natural clothing washing down our drains and into our waterways. These Tiny bits of plastic fibres aren't always filtered out in our sewage systems and end up in the sea and eventually end up in our food as in Malaysia and France scientists found plastic particles in fish that had been caught for human consumption.

Here is a little bit more detail on the products Smart Mug Co. have launched and how they help you save money and the world :)

Eco-Friendly Ceramic Laundry Ball  

Smart Mug Co. has introduced the ceramic laundry ball to their sustainable cleaning range but what is a laundry ball and what are the environmental advantages?

The ceramic laundry ball gets rid of all other detergents a part from stain remover that you made need to get for those gleaming whites.

You will get more than 1,000 loads from each ceramic laundry ball saving you 100s of pounds as well as the effort of lugging heavy bulky washing powders around the shop :) 

The beads inside these ceramic laundry ball use bio-ceramic technology.

Bio-ceramic beads are a natural element that creates hydrogen peroxide, a natural disinfectant, in the water. They also make the water more alkaline which makes for more effective and thorough cleaning. Source

You simply throw a ceramic laundry ball inside your washing machine before running each load (with NO detergent, bleach, or fabric softener added), use warm or hot water, and enjoy clean clothes without all the mess. That’s it. You can still pre-treat stains if you wish. (I know this against us being told to wash at 30 degrees but the amount of plastic pollution stopped by using one of these makes up for using hot water to wash our clothing)

The ceramic laundry ball is also complete un-scented making it completely hypoallergenic protecting your families skin from hards chemicals.

Every 3 to 6 months you should recharge your laundry ball by leaving it in sunlight this will eliminate the odours absorbed by the ceramic laundry ball and completely dry out the ball. 


Fur and Lint Buster 

The Fur and Lint Buster removes pet hair from your clothing while you wash and dry your clothes. Fur and Lint Buster Works in both washer AND dryer. It is safe for all clothing, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, Re-usable, and self-cleaning! 

The Fur and Lint Buster is made from a very soft, tacky, flexible material that grabs the dog or cat fur and Lint pulls it from the clothes and washes it down the drain or into your lint trap. 

Not only this though the Fur and Lint Buster is a product that helps fight microfiber pollution in our waterways by collecting a lot of the non-biological dander and lint that comes off our clothes.

Laundry lint and Pet fur catcher

Tired of finding pet hair and lint stuck to your freshly washed clothes? Now you can collect and remove even the finest pet hair, plastic fibres and other residues from your laundry, effortlessly helping you to fight microfibre pollution at home.

Simply chuck the Laundry lint and Pet fur catcher into your washing machine or dryer (or both) to effectively remove hairs, lint, pet fur, and even those irritating, fluffy balls that collect on clothing and bedding! 

  • Soft, tacky, flexible material that grabs hair, lint, dander and other debris
  • Safe for all clothing
  • Reusable- Each one is good for up to 200 wash cycles
  • Easy to use! Simply put it into the washing machine when washing clothes to filter the lint.
  • Keep your washing machine clean and prevent clogged pipes

Premium Organic wool dryer balls 

The Premium Organic wool dryer balls shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static they also help to collect pet hair and dryer lint. Helping to reduce the amount of electricity used and eliminating the need for fabric softeners. This will not on help save you money it will help save our oceans from plastic and chemical pollutions.  (A healthy, petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls).

Top Tip:

  1. Try scenting the dryer balls by placing a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or lemon on each ball. This will lightly scent your clothes!
  2. Make safe and excellent fetch toys! They are great for both indoor and outdoor play as an alternative use.
  3. Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do