Paper vs Plastic Bag For Life

With Morrison’s rolling out their new paper reusable carrier bags I thought it was about time to compare them to the old style plastic bags for life.

This all streams from a recent experience I’ve had with the plastic and paper bags. Both the bags in question are 20p at checkout and both can be reused, great 👍 except I’d like to disagree with Morrison’s claim that the plastic variation is a ‘bag for life’ more like a ‘bag for half a car park’ it didn’t even make it to my car before it ripped in two right around the top tearing off the handles. So basically a 20p colourful version of a 5p disposable plastic carrier bag, what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

I am however extremely impressed with the new paper carrier bag, during my food shop today I decided to put the bag through it’s paces and filled it with all my heavy shopping items, tins, jars &frozen food. And oh my gosh! I was impressed, it didn’t even look as if it would break, Morrison’s claim they can hold upto16kg, I feel it may be a little bold but at this point wouldn’t surprise me if it did. 

They really have got it right at Morrison’s. bravo 👏 on the new paper bags!