The Sustainable Way Facebook Group

💚💚The Sustainable Way is a group Smart mug Co. have set up to support people who are making small and significant changes to the way they live to help create a sustainable future for the generations to come. 💚💚

💚💚From Beach cleanups to cycling to work, we want to hear about your everyday accomplishments and your SMART ideas that are helping make the Planet cleaner for both humans and our animal friends. 💚💚

If you love everything about sustainable living and Greener living, this is the group for you. 



💚Share Eco friendly Ideas
💚Share your Sustainable purchases
💚Share your Eco Projects
💚Support community members in saving the Planet.
💚Share how you recycle and reuse
💚Share up cycling ideas/projects
💚Share environmental news
💚Encourage Greener conversation
💚Add Family and Friends
💚Share Blogs related to sustainable living


🚫No Spam
🚫Do not Bully other members you will be deleted and banned
🚫No slanderous comments
🚫No affiliate links
🚫No SMC competitor links eg. do not post home and beauty ECO eCommerce sites.
🚫No Private messaging other members

We will do our very best to keep this group a friendly and fun place to share ideas and offer support to like minded people. If you see any violations of our rules or think of changes need to be made please contact us and i will look in to this for you. 

💚💚💚💚Remember we only have one planet and its our job to look after. 💚💚💚💚

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