What Does SmartMugCo. Really Do To Help The Environment?

SmartMugCo. Is a very small online Eco-Friendly retail company, specialising in sustainable living products such as homeware, beauty products and essentials. For many small companies becoming completely sustainable and eco-friendly can be quite a challenge and I agree it is definitely a challenge. We don't have the funding and resources at this stage of our growth to buy big packaging machines to recycle our boxes and packaging etc. We have to rely on our eco-savy staff and customers to do this themselves, we do our best to not send any plastic packing to our customers but sometimes depending on the product and for hygiene reasons this cannot be avoided. To counteract this we send all of our customers a small insert in their boxes encouraging you to build eco-bricks

As You Can Imagine many of our products come to us from suppliers with massive amounts of packaging and non-recyclable waste even though we do try our best to encourage this not be the case when placing our orders. some companies just don't have the same ethos & this, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. So what do we do without waste? Well, this is where it gets interesting. All packaging and waste that comes through our office are disposed of in the most eco-friendly way and some of it is even recycled back into our packing, without the big recycling machines. All of our dry non-recyclable plastic waste and packaging is put into ECO bricks. What is an ECO Brick you ask? It's been mentioned a few times in this article you say, well an ECO brick is made up of a plastic bottle, stuff almost to bursting point with non-recyclable plastic, these bricks are then fused together to create modules. These modules are sent to community projects worlds wide, from building a playground in the UK to building an entire house in poor communities around the world.


All of our cardboard and waste paper is shredded and kept dry, this is then reused as packing in our parcels and sent to customers. We really do try to recycle everything. As well as this, our ECO mug tree planting promotions have so far planted nearly 8000 Trees worldwide in many reforestation projects.