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Here at Smart Mug Co, we believe in the small changes made by people like you making a big difference. We believing in Sourcing Eco-friendly products that are functional, whilst looking amazing.

Our Stainless Steel and Wheat stalk Travel cups are all unique and with plenty of choices, there is an ECO cup out there for everyone. 

Remember a purchase of one of our cups is on step closer to building a better planet for all of us. Let all Save the planet one sip at a time. 

Smart Mug Co's Wheat Straw products are Cute, practical and save the planet!

These reusable, eco-friendly products crafted out of sustainable, durable wheat straw plastic can withstand Temps up to 200c and are dishwasher safe.

Removing any silica parts first, they become fully compostable when you no longer need them. Wheat Stalk Plastic is compostable at home (6 months) and in industrial composting facilities (3months).


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